Access Lifts Designed For The Elderly And Wheelchair Users


It might have been a natural process of aging, or it could have been a terrible accident. Being a wheelchair user is an unfamiliar or frightening experience for you, whatever the situation may be.

Fortunately, access lifts are available to make life easier for those who need them. These lifts are simple to install and provide a variety of advantages to enhance your quality of life. So, if you’re looking into what lifts best fit your needs, below are some examples.

Stairlift For Wheelchair Users

A wheelchair stairlift, also known as an incline wheelchair lift, is an electric or rechargeable batteries-powered lift placed in a home or building’s stairwell and allows the elderly or disabled individuals to travel securely between levels. Although this particular access lift is designed mainly for older people who use wheelchairs, some versions include a fold-down seat that allows them to be used by people who can walk normally.

Moreover, a handicapped or an older adult does not have to get out of their wheelchair. Instead, they may stay sitting in their wheelchair and use the lift. There are versions available for both straight and curved stairwells, but curved stair lifts are more costly.

Wheelchair stair lifts may keep your elderly parents or disabled family members in their own multi-level house for longer, saving you expenses on assisted living.

Vertical Platform Lifts

A vertical platform lift is an access lift great for passengers who use wheelchairs or for places where various passengers, including elderly and mobility-challenged passengers, are expected. This type of access lift provides adequate space for people to travel comfortably without getting out of their wheelchairs.

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Additionally, vertical platform lifts can be a superior home access lift option for homes with plenty of room. These lifts are available in both enclosed and open setups, providing you with the majority of the advantages of an elevator while also being considerably less expensive than comprehensive elevator units. Furthermore, it requires less strenuous technical work and provides virtually limitless customization options.

Personal Elevators

Personal elevators are yet another excellent access lift alternative for older adults and handicapped in multi-level houses. When building a home, some architects plan for the possibility of subsequently adding an elevator, should the need arise. They do it by stacking closets or other rooms on top of one another. 

Essentially, an elevator’s advantage is that it may be used by older adults in wheelchairs, walkers, disabled family members,  grocery carts, aged family dogs, and many other things that need to be moved between levels.


A dumbwaiter is a tiny manual elevator that helps the elderly or disabled individuals transfer laundry, cook meals, and carry heavy objects up and down stairwells. The dumbwaiter is excellent for people who have trouble climbing stairs or often need to transfer items from one level to another.

Live In A Barrier-free Environment With Access Lifts From Axess 2!

Axess 2 Home and Commercial Lifts’ purpose is to provide accessibility to the less able. Over the years, the company’s product line has expanded to include small goods lifts and dumbwaiters, although it still focuses on platform lifts for the disabled and elderly.

Our lifts have passed rigorous testing and certification to meet the most recent British and European safety standards. We’ve built elevators in a variety of residential and business buildings throughout the United Kingdom. As lift specialists, collaborate closely with architects, builders, and end-users to develop the best solution for each client’s unique set of accessibility requirements.

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